car title loans

Title loans are an excellent way to meet a depleted cash flow. You can use your car for transport AND get an approved Auto title loan. Car title loans are fast becoming popular due to the simplicity along with reasonable terms and conditions. Car title loan lenders are sprinkled all over California; Car Title Loans San Bernardino is one of many branches of our company. We spread all across the state to better access our customers who are looking for fast cash solutions to bad credit days.

Fill out a form ONLINE!

The process that Car Title Loans San Bernardino requests of you is very straightforward and uncomplicated. There is no mountain of forms you have to fill to qualify. All you need to do is to send us an online submission entailing the make and model of your car. What is it priced at along with your contact information. That is it! The loan will be approved in seconds.

If you can’t drop by our nearest office we will come to you for the appraisal of your car.

Keep your paperwork at hand:

Before passing your loan, we require once we contact you that you provide us with the following

  • – Proof of your car ownership
  • – A driver’s license
  • – Car insurance documents.

This is a formality that we have to clear up so that we can get you your loan all the more quickly.

Receive your equity check:

After your car has been appraised and valued, we will provide you with a sum that is the wholesale value of your vehicle. The payment will be given to you in the form of a check that can be easily cashed and provide you with a much needed break from financial issues.

Below are some examples of loan amounts:

Year of CarMake of CarModelTrimTypical Loan Amounts
2005CadillacCTSSedan 4D$5500 – $6500
2006BMW530iSedan 4D$11,000 – $12,000
2007AudiQ73.6 Quattro Sport Utility 4D$13,000 – $14,000
2008AcuraTSXSedan 4D$9500 – $10,500